What’s it all about?

Medically induced zombies are taking over Glasgow. What could go wrong?

So the basic idea is, a device has been invented that’s like a life support machine for the brain. Just as a life support machine makes the heart and lungs function artificially, this “Chip” keeps a brain functioning after death. So the person can walk and talk and think and feel…

But they are dead.

Are they still the same person they were? Would you care if it was your loved one and the alternative was them being gone forever? What about the legal, moral, ethical implications?

That’s where we started. Creator & Showrunner Claire wrote three episodes and reached out to three actresses who had been on her dream casting hit list forever. They all said yes, nominated the next teams to pick up the story and the rest was history!

We’ve been passing the story around since last summer and it shows no signs of slowing down. We’ve shot episodes alone at home with a camera phone, over Zoom and occasionally outdoors in person (when restrictions allowed!). New collaborations between people who’ve never actually met have been born, some of us have stepped out of our comfort zones writing or directing for the first time, and most importantly we have all got a chance to be creative and tell stories during a time where opportunities are few and far between.

And this is just the beginning.

We’ve just launched a writers room, where all the filmmakers involved are invited to a monthly Zoom story conference to start building all these characters and story ideas into a continuing drama series.

And then we’re going to take over the world.

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